Rutas privadas personalizadas en Toledo. Experiencias únicas para descubrir la verdadera esencia de Toledo.

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Unique experiences allowing you to discover the true essence of Toledo

Private Tours and Unique Experiences

Discover unseen Toledo only with the most experienced local guides

Access to Exclusive, Private Sites

The possibility to visit what no one sees, and do what no one does, much more than tourism “as usual”.


Personalized Treatment

We help you plan your stay in Toledo with advice and suggestions for the best itinerary for you.

Experienced Professionals

Official tour guides from Toledo with advanced degrees in art hisotry and years of on-the-ground experience.


Fun and Culture

You won’t feel like you’re in a classroom. Descriptions and stories adapted to your tastes and interests.

Our most popular tours

We share a full day together so that you don’t miss a thing: The morning includes a visit to the cathedral and the area known as the cobertizos; in the afternoon, a visit to the Jewish Quarter, the Transito Synagogue and the El Greco Museum. As an additional service, we can also organize a special lunch in one of our preferred restaurants so that guests to the city can enjoy the local cuisine.
Full day tour
Patio del Museo de Santa Cruz de Toledo Our best-selling tour
Discover the essential things to do and see in Toledo: Zocodover, Cathedral, Jewish Quarter… as well as local hangouts on this three-hour tour. Includes two private, underground excavations, artisan studios (metalsmith and “damasquino” jewelry), and a tasting of the best Toledo’s famous marzipan.
3 Hours (1/2 day tour)
The most fun tour in town, without a doubt. A very pleasant stroll, listening to legends and historic anecdotes, will take us to three of out favourite bars and restaurants. One there, we will try some of our best local tapas and finest Manchego wines or handcrafted beer. It’s up to your tastes.
3 H
What outsiders and many locals don’t see in Toledo: private, secluded spaces, caves, excavations, medieval dungeons. A two-hour adventure that covers archaeology, history, folklore and secrets which make Toledo unlike any other place in the world.
3 H

Private tours

You’re in Toledo, one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Welcome. You can’t wait to explore this charming place, its world-renowned museums and landmarks, but also its concealed paths, hidden caves, its secrets, the unseen depths of what makes Toledo magical. We can guide you and your companions through a multifaceted, enchanting Toledo in our own friendly and personable way. What’s more, as locals we show you what Toledo has to offer in terms of gastronomy including private tastings for wine, tapas and local cuisine. Tailored just for you. Listed below are our most popular tours, but we can customize and mix-and-match according to your interests.


unforgotten moments

We would like to share with you our beloved city Toledo. Welcome.


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