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Hello. I’m Alejandro Díaz and I’m from Toledo. I love my city and that’s why I’ve spent more than 15 years sharing it with others. I’ve also traveled the continents and that’s how I know Toledo is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world. As a native of Toledo, I’ve seen thousands of tourists, on their own or in tour groups, visiting the same old spots, listening to guides reciting monologues from memory filled with names and dates — I know discovering Toledo could be so much more and warrants a more authentic experience.

I created Imagine Toledo together with my wife, Jennifer, and in partnership with local organizations. We value creating a visitor experience that is complete, authentic and personal. Descriptions and explanations that are smart and dynamic, that bring the traveler closer to the pure essence of our history. All without forgetting that the experience should be enjoyable.

The element of surprise and wonder is important to us. We take you to unexpected, hidden treasures off the beaten path — access to exclusive sites, visits to artisan studios covering the centuries-old art of swordmaking, handcrafting jewelry (Toledo Gold or “demasquino”) and making almond confections (marzipan). Something not widely offered, but highly delectable, are wine and tapas tastings with regional wines and local products. Additionally, the love of history and culture can start at any age; we offer activities for kids that include theatrical representations in the middle of our ancient streets.

We want to share how we experience Toledo — our special hidden corners, our preferred hang outs, our knowledge and our affection for this wonderful city. Welcome.

Alejandro Díaz

Alejandro Díaz Tejada is Imagine Toledo’s lead tourist guide. On a daily basis he does what inspires him the most — share his passion for Toledo and bring a love of history and culture to those around him. In addition to being an official tourist guide, Alejandro has a degree in Humanities from the University of Castilla La Mancha (Toledo) and a Masters in History from the University of the Andes (Bogotá, Colombia) where he focused on archaeology and ethnography. For two years, he worked for the Consorcio de Toledo, a government-funded organization tasked with preserving and restoring the cultural patrimony of Toledo. Through the Consorcio, Alejandro pioneered public tours to archaeological digs and historical renovations. Currently, he is a PhD candidate in History at the University of Castilla La Mancha. Alejandro is from Toledo, a city he has lived and worked in for most of his life. He has traveled the world, lived two years in Colombia and spent various stints in the United States.

Enrique Galdeano

Enrique Galdeano nació, creció y vive entre calles toledanas. Estudió Ciencias Empresariales y Guía Información y Asistencia Turística. Aunque comenzó su vida laboral en diferentes ámbitos alejados del mundo del turismo, siempre estuvo presente Toledo con su historia, sus leyendas y sus fotos en su familia, de la que varios de sus miembros son también Guías de Turismo. Enrique se marchó al extranjero para tener un mejor dominio de los idiomas y tras obtener su habilitación como Guía de Turismo, demostró el acierto de su decisión. Es quizá uno de los guías más apasionados que hay de Toledo, lo lleva en su sangre y lo demuestra con cada palabra, gesto y anécdota. Respirar su amor por Toledo por los cuatro costados. En su tiempo libre verás a Enrique cámara en mano sacando fotos de cada rincón o examinando cada detalle los múltiples tesoros que aglutina la ciudad imperial. Enrique te hará sentir una experiencia única e irrepetible en Toledo.

Jennifer Guintu

Jennifer Guintu is Imagine Toledo’s cultural strategist. She adds a perspective of a foreigner living in Toledo. Jennifer loves creating multicultural experiences that leads to “aha” moments — the past is still very much alive and there is richness in celebrating differences while embracing a shared humanity. She has a degree in Political Science and Spanish from the University of Notre Dame (Indiana, USA) and has an MBA from IE Business School (Madrid, Spain) where she was a Fulbright Scholar. Her professional experience includes teaching English abroad, working in corporate finance, starting her own for-profit microfinance organization in Colombia and working at the consulting firm Great Place to Work. Jennifer is from California. She visited Toledo for the first time in 2000 when she was studying abroad in the city as a sophomore in college — this is when she met Alejandro and, as they say, “the rest is history”…

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